Texas Is Moving Toward Wind-Power

Soon Texas will have the nation’s largest wind-power source available.  This comes after state regulators gave the go ahead to construct billions of dollars of transmission lines that will bring wind-generated electricity to Texas ’ urban areas from local wind farms.


Currently Texas is a national leader when it comes to wind power.  Now, by winning a two to one vote by Public Utility Commissions, Texas will be a leader in moving massive energy to urban areas that are in need. 


Consumer groups and environmentalist believe this is a critical move for expansion of renewable energy.  Everyone agrees this will spur other states to start their own wind energy projects.  They also agree it will reduce pollution, energy costs, and create jobs for many.


The plan will add an extra $4 a month on each Texas electric customer’s electric bill for several years to come to help cover the cost of the $4.0 billion project. 


I think this is great way for our state to go green.


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3 Comments on “Texas Is Moving Toward Wind-Power”

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  2. Ir.Tjandra Kusuma Riswanto Says:

    Texas go green.
    America go green.
    Earth go green.
    Good luck, be Success , God be with You all.

    Where I must learn more about Wind Power Generated Electricity ?
    Its very interesting for me.
    I hope that I can joint with one of Wind Power system project.

  3. stejupthess Says:

    Good post. Will visit again.

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