An Amarillo, Texas Girl Needs Your Help

An Amarillo, Texas Girl Needs Your HelpSix year old Karon Silva from Amarillo, Texas needs your help.  Karon suffers from Epilepsy that racks her little body.  When Karon was just two and half years old, her parents bought Boston, a golden retriever.  Boston is a unique dog.  He can sense when Karon is going to have a seizure and alerts her mother.  Boston never leaves Karon’s side.

The Silva family is hoping to get their wonderful Boston certified as a seizure alert dog so he will be able to go with Karon everywhere she goes in public, such as school, stores, restaurants, etc.  The need for seizure alert dogs is on the rise, but the cost is still high.  It will cost $2,000 for Boston to get certified.  The Silva’s have half of the money but need help getting the other half.

It is so important for Karon and many other Epilepsy sufferers to have seizure alert dogs.  A seizure alert dog can sense the attack minutes to hours before it actually occurs.  This gives the person time to take their seizure blocking medication, call for assistance or get to a safe place.

Amarillo residents have always been great at helping out other community members when in need.  And this is a time when help is really needed.  So let’s extend a helping hand to Karon Silva and make sure Boston gets certified.  If you would like to help, call the West Texas Epilepsy Foundation at (806) 352-5426.

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One Comment on “An Amarillo, Texas Girl Needs Your Help”

  1. Elizabeth Silva Says:

    I am Karons mother I wanted to update that Boston is certified! And we didn’t buy him he was given to her through some friends that knew the breeders as a birthday/christmas gift! Thanks~!

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