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What to Do for the 4th of July In/Around Amarillo?!?!

July 3, 2012

What to Do for the 4th of July In/AroundAmarillo?!?!


Amarillo– Fireworks Festival at JohnS.StiffParklocated at 45th andBell. Gates open at 4:30pm with food vendors, children’s rides and concerts.  The custom designed fireworks show will feature a live performance by the Amarillo Symphony.


Canyon – Vendor Fair at the downtown square, parade at 10am and Party in the Park starting at 6pm atConnorParkwith a concert and fireworks.


“Texas” Musical Drama will be performing their nightly show.


Clarendon – Kid’s bicycle parade at 10 am, craft fair, Western Parade at 2pm, Junior Ranch Rodeo at 7:30pm and a dance at 9pm.


Canadian – Parade at 10am


Dumas – Mud volleyball tournament at 8am


Wheeler – Parade at 9am, Fireworks at dusk, Cajun Boil Dinner at 6pm with a concert and dance.


Pampa– Food, celebration and fireworks at 7pm


Perryton – Activities starting at 7am and Fireworks at dusk


Channing – Hamburgers and fireworks starting at 6pm


Hereford– Parade and food booths


Check for more details or local city office.

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Home prices up for 2nd straight month in April | Inman News

June 12, 2012

Home prices up for 2nd straight month in April | Inman News.

Top Graduation Gifts

May 18, 2012

Top Graduation Gifts


We always struggle with purchasing gifts for some people.  Will they like it? Did I spend enough money?  Will I look cheap?  Have they received multiple of this gift? It is even harder when you really do not know the person – a distant family member, a friend’s child. 


Here are some top graduation gifts- some I know you have thought of, others might spark an idea for you!


You can always go with hot/popular gifts – ipad, ipod, laptop computer, kindle/nook or a digital camera. Not wanting to spend that much money, keep reading!


If you know where they are going to college, purchase some type of spirit gift.  Personalized products are always nice with their name, initials or just first or last name only. Google can be our friend to find these companies for these unique gifts to order them and ship them for us.


Wanting something for them to remember the year –  think about a savings bond or a commemorative coin. 


Maybe they need their own coffee pot for those late nights studying! A nice piece of jewelry can always be great – a necklace, bracelet, ring or a watch is always universal.


We can not forget the standbys – pen, picture frame or album. And we have to discuss gift cards and of course money! But how much do you give? I wish there was something that was socially standard and everyone knew that was the perfect amount, but sadly there is not.



Happy Gifting!


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New Year Resolutions ?:)!:(

December 30, 2011

Sunday, January 1st, 2012, the start of a new week and a new year all in one day! Are you one of the estimated 44% that make New Year’s Resolutions? Do you have a plan to make them happen, or will you then become part of the estimated 80% that fail or quit?


Here is a list of the Top Ten New Year’s Resolutions:


1. Eat healthier

2. Get a better job

3. Spend more time with family and friends

4. Get fit / Work out more

5. Get out of debt

6. Recycle

7. Save money

8. Volunteer

9. Quit smoking

10. Lose weight


We must be optimistic if we plan to succeed!  Start preparing now, do some research if you need to on what you need to do to make a plan and outline your steps for your goals.  You should always write them down and make them public.  In our technology world, it is easy to get support and encouragement from others by posting your goals on twitter or facebook.  You may have to start with one at a time.  Remember old habits are hard to break and it can take 20 consecutive days of doing something to make it a habit! 


Start today! Prepare for Sunday and surround yourself with positive reinforcement and have things already in place to make it a smooth transition and a successful start! You can always start smaller if you need to, with maybe taking care of the 5 or more email addresses you have that you never consolidated!


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Christmas in the Gardens

December 9, 2011

Are you looking for something to do this weekend inAmarilloTexas?  Spend the evening at Amarillo Botanical Gardens for their second annual Christmas in the Garden. Enjoy caroling from different local groups each night from 6:45 – 7:15 PM. This is a free event with donations appreciated. Take your family on a stroll through the lighted gardens and have a hot beverage. The event is from 6 – 8 PM.AmarilloBotanical Gardens are located at1400 Streit Drive.  Call them at 352-6513 for more details!


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Thanksgiving Thursday!

November 21, 2011

Yes, thanksgiving is this Thursday! Hopefully you have made plans with family and friends and everyone knows what they are bringing.  We sometimes get absorbed in all the details, we forget something.  The turkey seems to be one of those forgotten items. We buy it early to get our perfect size or we  purchase it just a day or two before the holiday.  Now we have a frozen turkey and it is Wednesday!


No fear! If you were prepared, you can thaw it in the refrigerator, at a rate of four pounds a day thawing.  If you were not prepared, you will need to do a cold water thaw. Keep the turkey in the package, thaw in cold water, changing the water every 30 minutes and thawing at a rate of 30 minutes per pound.


With all the different ways to make your turkey, you may want to have two!  The most popular is the traditional oven roasted or using a table top roaster.  You can also do a variation on that method with the new roasting bags and not having to worry about basting.  Deep frying and smoking are gaining in popularity due to the unique flavor they have and known for their moistness. However you choose, remember 180 degrees is considered a done turkey.  If problems do arise, you always have the Turkey Hotline to call – 1-800-BUTTERBALL.

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Keller Williams Green Week

November 16, 2011

Keller Williams Realty is going green this week. We hear about it all the time, what are you doing to erase your carbon foot print or just simply put, do you recycle? Many of the things to make a difference can be costly like, new appliances, new heating and air conditioning units, solar panels, new insulation or even buying an electric car. We can all make simple changes that we may not have even thought about.

– Go Vintage! Have you thought about looking in the very back of you closet, or a friend or relatives closet? Take a look at consignment stores or garage sales, be creative!
– Use a mug when you are at work or take it with you to the coffee shop.
– Unplug your chargers and small appliances.
– Turn off the dry cycle on your dish washer.
– Use cloth napkins.
– Caulk around your windows while the weather is still nice.
– Use a toaster oven.
– Fill up your car when it is cooler. This cuts down on emissions by decreasing the amount of fuel lost to evaporation.
– Do electronic subscriptions.
– Recycle your gift wrap and be creative on your wrap and bows!
– Replace your Christmas lights with LED’s. They use a fraction of the energy as conventional bulbs and are cool to the touch.

Sometimes we just need to think about how we can reduce our use and how we can be creative and reuse something in another way. National Green week is February 6-10, 2012 and Earth Day is April 22, 2012. Pick a week during this time and mark it on your calendar and have your whole family be involved in making some changes. Small changes can make a difference and you can always plant a tree!