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What to Do for the 4th of July In/Around Amarillo?!?!

July 3, 2012

What to Do for the 4th of July In/AroundAmarillo?!?!


Amarillo– Fireworks Festival at JohnS.StiffParklocated at 45th andBell. Gates open at 4:30pm with food vendors, children’s rides and concerts.  The custom designed fireworks show will feature a live performance by the Amarillo Symphony.


Canyon – Vendor Fair at the downtown square, parade at 10am and Party in the Park starting at 6pm atConnorParkwith a concert and fireworks.


“Texas” Musical Drama will be performing their nightly show.


Clarendon – Kid’s bicycle parade at 10 am, craft fair, Western Parade at 2pm, Junior Ranch Rodeo at 7:30pm and a dance at 9pm.


Canadian – Parade at 10am


Dumas – Mud volleyball tournament at 8am


Wheeler – Parade at 9am, Fireworks at dusk, Cajun Boil Dinner at 6pm with a concert and dance.


Pampa– Food, celebration and fireworks at 7pm


Perryton – Activities starting at 7am and Fireworks at dusk


Channing – Hamburgers and fireworks starting at 6pm


Hereford– Parade and food booths


Check for more details or local city office.

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Connie Taylor

Keller Williams


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The Color Yellow … is it Amarillo?

March 5, 2008
They say our fair City of Amarillo was named for the bright yellow wildflowers of spring. Amarillo is the Spanish word for the color yellow. So in today’s blog I thought I would discuss how well the city matches its name.
Yellow is the brightest color in the color spectrum and I feel the City of Amarillo is the brightest and fairest of all the cities in Texas.
When used in reference to nature the color yellow usually depicts sunshine and is also used to depict warmth. Well Amarillo certainly matches that description with over 270 days of sun yearly making it easy to enjoy our many parks and natural attractions like the Palo Duro Canyon, the second largest canyon in the United States. We are also great rodeo enthusiasts here in Amarillo and there is nothing like a good rodeo in the bright warm sunshine.
The color yellow is also used to represent, happiness, joy and cheerfulness. All these words are synonyms for each other. Here again this description matches up pretty well. Another word for happiness is contentment and Amarillo residents are known to be very friendly with a great spirit and attitude. Can’t be that and grumpy and unhappy, so I would say that is a match.  Joy can also be interpreted as happiness or enjoyment and our citizens do enjoy the advantages of living in the great state of Texas and in my opinion its greatest city. Cheerfulness, well that is pretty evident on the faces of our citizens when they greet you with a big “Howdy” and a cheerful smile.
The color yellow is said to increase self-esteem and contributes to our overall well-being. Well, here is another match for the City of Amarillo. We have a strong economy, which definitely makes me feel better when I know people have the means to invest in themselves when they purchase Amarillo real estate. There is nothing like homeownership to give a boost to your self-esteem.
Here are some other tidbits about the color (not compared to the City of Amarillo).
  • Yellow is the most attention getting color in the color spectrum as it is the brightest and most visible color therefore it is often used to draw attention to something or to warn of hazards. Yellow depending on the shade can indicate purity. Yellow is Sunday’s color. It is often used to depict the heavenly bodies like the sun and stars. Yellow is also used as to show a halo around a person’s head in pictures and stained glass windows.
  • Yellow is the color of creativity and intellectual energy. It is the color of the mind which brings clarity to thought, clear decisions and quick reflexes. Yellow is the color used to symbolizes wisdom and is also said to be the color preference of people with high a IQ.
  • Some say to use yellow note pads when you are doing something creative such as writing. Hmm maybe I should change my background to yellow when writing a blog.
Use the color yellow in your life when you want to:
  • Make decisions and are evaluating the pros and cons.
  • Your life has too much stress and you are feeling burned our or are anxious
  • When you want to sharpen your memory skills and concentration
  • When you want to liven things up a bit, the weather is dreary or if you are depressed.
  • When you want to express yourself wear a bit of yellow jewelry or a yellow flower in your hair.
Remember that bright little happy face that makes us feel so good, he is bright yellow with a great big smile. So put on your happy face and a splash of yellow in your life.
If you want to be a true lover of yellow then you should become a member of the community that reflects all the aspects of the color yellow and carries the name to prove it, AmarilloContact me if you are considering a move to the Amarillo area or if you are already living in the area about Amarillo real estate.

Hello world!

February 21, 2008

I have joined the blogging community so that I can share with you what I happen to love, the Amarillo real estate community. 

I want to show you just what makes the Amarillo and Canyon areas of the Texas Panhandle such a great place to live.  I will be posting information, community events, and real estate information each week.

The first thing I want to share with you is: I love my community, I love my job and I love the members of the Connie Taylor Group. Who could ask for more – I am one of the most blessed people in the world!