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Christmas in the Gardens

December 9, 2011

Are you looking for something to do this weekend inAmarilloTexas?  Spend the evening at Amarillo Botanical Gardens for their second annual Christmas in the Garden. Enjoy caroling from different local groups each night from 6:45 – 7:15 PM. This is a free event with donations appreciated. Take your family on a stroll through the lighted gardens and have a hot beverage. The event is from 6 – 8 PM.AmarilloBotanical Gardens are located at1400 Streit Drive.  Call them at 352-6513 for more details!


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Green Holiday tips!

December 10, 2010

From my EcoBroker Winter Update 2010 came these great tips on how to have a green holiday!  Hope ya’ll enjoy and are having a Merry Christmas!

Ideas to Make your Holiday Green

Here are a few ideas from your friends at EcoBroker to help make your holiday season a lot more green! We found most of these tips from, added a few of our own, and encourage you to pass these on to your friends.  No matter what holiday you celebrate, please send us any other tips to We would love to compile a list for future years and also feature some of the best ideas in future newsletters. 

Give Green Gifts

  • For kids, think science kits, solar power gadgets such as radios and flashlights, books about ecology, or tickets for a trip to a local nature reserve, museum, or zoo to see conservation in action.
  • For the green thumb on your list, purchasing gardening materials such as seeds, seedlings, plants, planter pots, soil, etc., are great eco-friendly gift choices.
  • Reusable grocery and shopping bags are always handy.

Spend Time With Your Loved Ones

  • Making your own gifts is an excellent way of ensuring they’re eco-friendly, well within budget, and a great way to enjoy the company and fellowship of others.
  • Make food. Giving homemade food beautifully presented in eco-friendly packaging is a delightful gift, part love and part delicious! How about homemade jam or bread?
  • Keep in mind the interests of each recipient and the need to reduce waste by using eco-considerate products when making the gifts. Make use of empty containers to package homemade treats for gifts. For example, decorate an empty Pringles can to package chocolate covered pretzel sticks!

Be Eco-friendly With Your Tree

  • If you celebrate Christmas, consider purchasing a living Christmas tree. This option has the benefit of not removing a tree for a temporary use and allows you to plant the tree in the garden or in another suitable place after use.
  • Be sure to compost a cut tree after use. If you don’t have a garden or you’re not able to hire or borrow a wood-chipper machine, check with your local council to see if it has a scheme for chipping or composting trees. 
  • Turn off the tree lights after you go to bed and while you’re out. Try putting your indoor and outdoor lights on timers if you can’t remember to do this manually. Doing this will also prevent fires.

For more ideas on how to make your holiday green click here.

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Buying a Home for Christmas

December 19, 2008

Buying a home for ChristmasWhat better gift could anyone get than a new home for Christmas?  People give cars all the time.  Why not homes?  Many people would say this blog title is just crazy.  However, interest rates are so low now that many people can afford a new home.  When you weigh in the factors of low interest rates, a buyer’s market, and homes being sold below value, you have a great buy.

Today’s interest rates are 5.27% for a 30 year fixed mortgage.  And one of the top Treasury officials is hinting around that interest rates could drop as low as 4.5%.  Could that really happen?  No one will know for sure until it happens.  Interest rates are affected by several unpredictable events such as political, economic, and social.  We have no guarantee which direction the rates will go, despite expert’s forecasts.  But if rates do drop that low, it will only apply to 30 year fixed rates.  Right now though, 5.27% is looking really good. 

Because of today’s housing market, we are seeing that buying a home with a fixed interest rate, no matter how long the loan is for, is a good idea.

Something to keep in mind when looking for a home to buy: don’t obsess over the homes you look at, or you could miss out on a good real estate deal.  However, there are some important things to do when buying a home.  Get a good real estate agent who is knowledgeable about the area you are looking to move to, have the home inspected, research property values in that area, your Realtor® will be able to do this for you, and if you have children, be sure to check out the local schools. Also, remember to base buying a home on your budget, your future plans and your current needs. 

I hope this advice will help you find the perfect home for you and your family this holiday season.

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Help Amarillo ’s Empty Stocking Fund

December 12, 2008

The holidays are definitely here and this is the season for giving.  For over Help Amarillo's Empty Stocking Fund30 years, the Amarillo Empty Stocking Fund has been providing hope and joy for those less fortunate, people down on their luck and the displaced.  With so many people out of work this year, it’s more important than ever to give a helping hand.

The Empty Stocking Fund helps provide the basic necessities for living to individuals and families.  Sometimes, if possible, the fund provides a small gift for children.  So, please keep in mind this holiday season that if it were not for the generous support of Amarillo residents, these people would have nothing for Christmas.

Every penny given to the Empty Stocking Fund goes directly to those who need it.  The Amarillo Globe newspaper has absorbed all the operation costs of the fund annually since 1972 when it was created by the newspaper.  And this year, the Amarillo College Community Band and two Amarillo Youth Choirs will be providing a free Christmas concert for the community.  The concert has become an annual tradition for Amarillo .  It provides entertainment and helps a worthy cause.

The Empty Stocking Fund receives hundreds of applications each year which volunteers screen.  Once approved, the client will receive a voucher that is redeemable at the Downtown Women’s Center Thrift Town , Wal-Mart, and United Supermarkets to buy the items they have requested.

The Empty Stocking Fund is hoping to disperse the uncertainty and cloud of gloom that seems to be hanging over this Christmas season with your help.  Donations can be mailed to the Empty Stocking Fund, PO Box 2091 , Amarillo , TX 79166 .  If you are interested in donating items such as adult diapers, Ensure, etc., please bring them to Susie Self at the Globe, building 900 South Harrison Street .  If you have questions about donating, want to donate by phone, or are in need yourself, you can call (806) 345-3363.

Happy holidays to all.

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