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Keller Williams Green Week

November 16, 2011

Keller Williams Realty is going green this week. We hear about it all the time, what are you doing to erase your carbon foot print or just simply put, do you recycle? Many of the things to make a difference can be costly like, new appliances, new heating and air conditioning units, solar panels, new insulation or even buying an electric car. We can all make simple changes that we may not have even thought about.

– Go Vintage! Have you thought about looking in the very back of you closet, or a friend or relatives closet? Take a look at consignment stores or garage sales, be creative!
– Use a mug when you are at work or take it with you to the coffee shop.
– Unplug your chargers and small appliances.
– Turn off the dry cycle on your dish washer.
– Use cloth napkins.
– Caulk around your windows while the weather is still nice.
– Use a toaster oven.
– Fill up your car when it is cooler. This cuts down on emissions by decreasing the amount of fuel lost to evaporation.
– Do electronic subscriptions.
– Recycle your gift wrap and be creative on your wrap and bows!
– Replace your Christmas lights with LED’s. They use a fraction of the energy as conventional bulbs and are cool to the touch.

Sometimes we just need to think about how we can reduce our use and how we can be creative and reuse something in another way. National Green week is February 6-10, 2012 and Earth Day is April 22, 2012. Pick a week during this time and mark it on your calendar and have your whole family be involved in making some changes. Small changes can make a difference and you can always plant a tree!